We are a world-class company with an aspiration of becoming the best integrated energy business in the world.

We seek to generate 10,000 MW of power per day, plant 1 billion trees and have 20 million solar retail customers.

    PriVida Power Limited is a world class renewable energy business founded to facilitate renewable technology in Nigeria. Our vision is to ensure access to cleaner, cheaper and more environmentally friendly sources of energy to everyone regardless of location. To achieve this vision, we have formed key partnerships with world leaders in renewable energy and OEMs to ensure every home, household, offices and businesses have access to affordable, constant and sustainable power through our Solar Solutions and SHSs.

    Installation and setup video

    An in-depth demonstration of how to install solar panel properly. Connect DC cable to the power unit to charge the battery. Connect DC devices to the power unit.
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    Why PriVida?

    At PriVida, we are committed to making clean energy accessible to all with our solar products and solutions. We have a reputation for.


    We use high-quality solar panels with some of the highest efficiency rates available

    Clean and affordable solar energy

    We are providing clean and affordable solar energy products

    Enabling people

    We are addressing the huge market need for energy by enabling people to harness the infinite source of light that freely accessible to everyone.

    Using our products is simple….
    See below the simple steps to selecting and using our products.

    Select Appropriate PriVida SHS PAYG Product for You


    Complete Subscription Form


    Verification, Approval and Delivery


    Connect Your SHS PAYG and Cultivate the Power of the Sun

    Introducing the PriVida SHS

    Our desire is to ensure that you have access to energy 24/7 with our efficient Solar Home System (SHS). Get more for less!
    PriVida's 1224

    80W Panel

    266Wh Battery


    Monthly payment: N4,000 per month over 36 months. Savings: N72,000.
    Powers lights, fan, TV, radio, mobile phone charging, etc

    80W Panel

    200Wh Battery


    Monthly payment: N6,000 per month over 36 months. Savings: N72,000.
    Powers lights, fan, TV, radio, mobile phone charging, etc

    Our Impact


    We are transforming lives and saving the environment.

    Metric tons of CO2e emission avoided
    Kerosene lamps replaced
    People undertaking more economic activities using PriVida products

    What people think about our product

    Hear the amazing stories from our clients.

    Great Quality

    Best company by far! I was looking for quotes among different companies and the best one with the best price and best quality. They did not pressure me to make any purchase and made me feel very comfortable.

    Samuel Madu Manager at Vas2nets

    Great Customer Service

    Great customer service from Privida Energy. They explained the whole process thoroughly, was always in communication with me, and answered all my questions.

    Ezinne Oti Designer at Louche


    This whole process was effortless. I 100% recommend for all your solar needs! Regarding the features and benefits of switching to solar, I was well educated on the product.

    Wale Egun PR at Anakle


    From the sales demonstration, to the installation, these guys are top notch! Everything was perfect, you can't go wrong!

    Lola Ogun Manager at Htech

    Make Life Easy Go Green

    Living the Easy Life with PriVida

    With PriVida SHS, you’ll never have to worry about power outages again! Start ‘Living the Easy Life’ with our SHS today!

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    Brands that trust us.

    We have worked with several amazing organizations and businesses over the years.